Dickson Osei Omari

Accra, Ghana

Ceo @selloutghana , educationist,internet intelligence expert
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About Dickson

Mr Dickson Osei Omari is a young entrepreneur and technology specialist. He is currently the CEO of two successful IT brands- IDOC Technology and SellOut Ghana. IDOC Technology is a mobile app, website and gaming development group. In Ghana, the group is also noted for summer vacation workshops and career coaching programs in ICT, Online Literacy and Programming Languages for individuals, schools and churches. SellOut Ghana is a leading free sell and buy classified worksite.


Mr. Dickson Omari Osei is an achiever in the truest sense of the word. He is arguably one of Ghana’s sharpest minds below the age of 30 and his achievements in his field of specialty, Information and Communication Technology, speak for itself. His clients include leading brands in education, industry, and entertainment in Ghana and beyond.

He has been involved in the creation of at least fifty [50] websites till date, and is personally credited for creating websites for Marshalls College, Meridian Pre-University- both academic institutions, the J.S. Addo Scholarship fund- named after and owned by one of Ghana’s most revered statesmen, Final Touch UK, Sovereign Bank and Grand Total Investments, among others.

Mr. Osei is also a certified instructor of the coding programming language. He speaks five [5] different computer languages and offers supervisory and laboratory coaching at the Marshalls School of Technology. He is credited for the adoption of the UNESCO standards of teaching and learning, and the setup of its corresponding Virtual Learning Environment [VLE] at Marshalls.

As part of this commitment to the School of Technology, he championed a UN-sponsored project to develop two mobile technology applications for nursing mothers to commemorate the celebration of the Girls in ICT Day. Ms. Nancy Glacer, of the Stanford SEED and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, endorsed the applications on behalf of the United Nations.

Mr. Osei has also developed apps for the Marshalls Online Radio, Meridian Pre-University, Marshalls, Hon J.S. Addo scholarship fund, Meridian-Marshalls Holdings, Run360, and SellOut Ghana.

He worked as Head of the IT Department for the Meridian-Marshalls Holdings when it became the first academic institution in Ghana to be listed on the Stock Exchange. During this time, he created the organizational website, headed all integrated marketing communication initiatives a