Diemmi Pham

New York, New York, US

Diemmi's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Diemmi

I currently manage primary quantitative research projects for a B2B firm in my day job. I also freelance with a marketing strategy and management consulting firm where I've contributed to projects across several industries (technology, healthcare, consumer, etc) for varying projects including business audits, creating an offering memorandum for company exit, and marketing strategies.

I was approached by a long-time friend late last year with an idea that we were able to prototype. Need a more technical person than myself to take it to the next level to launch to market. The prototype was built with RoR. This is a consumer-based service with a business model that has a generating revenue with the first user. My partner is a UX/UI person and I'm a generalist for all other business functions. We are looking for technical cofounder to join our team to take it to the next level. Our goal with the company is rapid expansion into university towns across America to strengthen our exit proposition.