digvijay bhandari

Delhi, Iowa, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About digvijay

13 years hardcore trading in equity ,,, now looking to step into retail indutstry which is now emerging
My idea---- prototype is to connect with small stores ( which is being run by single guy with few delivery workers of his ) serving walking customers and few telephone clients ----to satisfy consumers daily needs grocery items.

we intend to set up a cll centre and website to take orders---90% will be on telephone and route these orders via -sms to local retailer to deliver to customer ......

2nd we will for small charge provide local retailer ERP solution ---Rs 1200 per month
1dollar =56 rs ---to upload his inventory to us for better routing of orders and his inventory management and stop filferage ---also greats a big b2B business for us

cost of ERP has come down drastically ----now ----we intend to join 200-250 retailers 100 on pipeline .... model is replicable and once branding come into froy we intend to make our own franchisee

money is required ---in 1st stage for website + erp+ call centre
one liners in local news papers and support ----

VC funding and all in 2nd round for creating warehouses ,, better delivery system ,,,

here is a company started with just 2cr ---20000000 in rupee terms stating at par with big retailers -----