Dilip Menon

New York, New York, US

Dilip's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dilip

I am an entrepreneur with a grand vision for a concept that has been thoroughly tested in business school and validated by virtue of top clients willing to take on my offering named - Grandevous (pronounced- Grande- voo). I have applied to several accelerators over the past month and Techstars has recently followed up ,for me to submit more information. I intend to bring this concept to the United States as this is a global product. I am currently based in Makati City in the Philippines. I am looking for a co-founder who has a strong tech background and several years of experience in IT, Mobile development, Network hosting and understands different technologies related to software development on multiple platforms. The person I am looking for must share ,besides technical know how, a passion for bringing startups from the ground up to reality and beyond (Exit). I prefer to associate myself with individuals who have a tremendous work ethic and strong values and are long term thinkers.