Dilip Menon

Fremont, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management
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Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Dilip

I am based in San Jose, California. I have spent quite a significant time with startups and established corps in the Finance, Telco and Mobile industry.

My skill is in getting things done. An effective resource manager, with good business development skills. Looking for someone who has an idea that needs to be developed and implemented.

I have a development team who is focused on Web and mobile development. We have expertise in SAP mobility and IOT. I have worked with multiple startups, and believe that I can contribute in every manner.

I am passionate about new ideas and looking to work with the right individual(s) if we are a match.

What I have done:

Came out of a financial startup that I personally grew from 10 person team to a 100 person team, which gave me the cushion to attempt following things.

1. Been involved in education startups for over a decade. Started with involvement in non-profit sector for over 15 years. Then built an education software that is used in schools and colleges. Now is built as a cloud-based solution used in several schools and colleges in India

2. Been involved in healthcare system. Built an appointment application for doctors, which helps them manage their activities in an efficient manner. Still used by quite a few doctors

3. Built SAP mobility software that is licensed to use by different corporates in India.

4. Have a company that has a large portfolio of web design, web development and mobile apps.

What I am looking for here:
I have a full-time job in Silicon Valley. However that has not diminished my interest in working with startups.

Looking for folks who have some ideas to brainstorm. I have some, you have some, and we brainstorm to make it better. I can help you build the product since I have a development team. I would like us to focus on the marketing and business development, so that we are not caught in development and can think of the go-to-market strategy. I can definitely pitch great ideas to a good group of venture capitalists who invest in small businesses.


I am not too concerned about achieving the goals, as long we have the vision and enjoy our journey - Me

Work Experience

Technology Lead


January 2006 - January 2016

I have been in the Baking industry for over a decade, and have dabbled with all kinds of technology - ATM, POS, P2P, Mobile and Web.