Dimitry Apollonsky

New York, New York, US

Founder at appsoar, growth hacker, product creator.
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About Dimitry

My name's Dimitry, I'm a college-dropout-turned-entrepreneur. Yup... My story:

Started off my career in entrepreneurship by raising $20,000 on Kickstarter, beat out 52 teams of MBA's to nab $10,000 more in a biz plan competition.

I quickly learned that reading books and putting marketing into action is more useful than college. Went into the workforce and started scaling companies:
* Managed $80,000/mo in adspend
* Managed SEO, PPC, ASO, Content strategies that brought in millions.
* Implemented and managed mail automation sequences for multi-million dollar apps
and more.

I realized I wanted to continue to grow companies, but do so independently and on my terms.

So I set out to launch a digital growth agency - aaaand it's called appsoar.io.

We're not JUST a consulting firm... We own web assets. Ecommerce stores, blogs - things we can make passive income off of.
Some of them include:
1. Loombrand.com - this site sells turkish towels
2. Ukrainebrand.co - this site sells ukrainian goods
3. Myfitstation.com, simplebeautifullife.net, etc.

So when we're not working with our clients, we're scaling our internal projects and honing our skills.

We already have clients... a couple. So there is money coming in - but at this point I'm personally focused on investing all I have into this business, so not paying myself much. We also have ongoing revenue from our assets.

I'll be straight up - I have marketing expertise on a macro level, but I would be interested in finding a co-founder who can help me do SOME of these things:

1. Communicate & Sell- this means talk to clients, follow up & execute sales, and otherwise improve our partnerships with companies and drive revenue in meaningful ways.
2. Develop the business - We have a lot of directions and opportunities to head in - do we want to scale out our ecommerce sites? Do we want to focus on getting more clients? I have some answers to these questions, but they need more attention than I alone can provide.
3. Marketing & design help - I love marketing & design, would be interested in meeting talented designers & marketers.

Work Experience

Product Manager, Growth


September 2015 - April 2017


Rutgers University, New Brunswick


2014 - 2016