Dimitry Kushelevsky

San Francisco, California, US

Dimitry's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dimitry

I am an experienced entrepreneur, business leader, sales executive and an engineer. After earning degrees of BE and MBA, I embarked on a diverse career that spans a series of start-ups, as well as top corps like AT&T, Cisco and IBM. I am currently a full-time entrepreneur, looking for a talented, motivated co-founder(s) who also loves to solve business (and human) problems through creativity, innovation and teamwork. I also believe that founding a start-up should be a fun and rewarding experience. I've been working on a platform that uses AI to improve live event discovery, but I am also open to pursuing other ideas. Feel free to connect with me if you're also looking for a co-founder.


The harder I work, the luckier I get. - Einstein (I think :)

Work Experience


A.I. Vibe, Inc.

January 2016 - Today

An innovative app that uses Machine Learning to dramatically improve the process of live event discovery for millions of fans worldwide. Our objective is to blend the lines separating AI and Behavioral Science.