Dinesh Sharma


San Diego, California, US

Dinesh's Skills
Product Management

About Dinesh

I'm a FinTech entrepreneur in investment management space. We're changing the way people understand and manage their finances directly or through their financial advisers.

The problem we're trying to solve is as follows: About 10,000 people retire every single day i.e. nearly 4 million a year; a vast majority of them unprepared. They lose tens of thousands of dollars in the form of lower Social Security benefits, higher investment fees, lower return, and higher taxes. In fact, even financial advisers struggle to come up with an optimal retirement income solution.

Our vision is to maximize the financial outcome for millions of people during their golden years through a simple yet powerful technology platform. Our target market is about 50 million mass affluents in 55 - 75 age group who control about $10 Trillion in investments and are currently underserved. Our key differentiation is that our digital advice will be be based on a holistic financial plan customized for each consumer.