Dinh Nguyen Nguyen

Denver, Colorado, US

Dinh Nguyen's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dinh Nguyen

I aspire to build a search engine that would organize and catalog the web into a well curated and intuitive repository of knowledge and information, something that Google currently does not do well. I hope to offer this service to people all over the world for free (revenue will be made through ads), so that people who have no access to or cannot afford a formal education can still learn and grow to realize their potential.

Although I am still inexperienced, I am determined to make up for this with learning and hard work. I consider myself to be an EngiPreneur: I am a decent programmer and engineer, and I have also acquired some business skills through reading and hands-on projects.

I am looking for co-founders with any of the following skills and experience: big data, web design, machine-learning, and marketing. I do not see my co-founders just as colleagues and partners, but also as teachers and mentors. I hope to learn as much as I can from them. My ideal co-founder would therefore be a person who possessed a thirst for knowledge and a passion to share it with others.