Disruptive Dashboards

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Disruptive Dashboards's Skills
Product Management

About Disruptive Dashboards

I am very technically oriented and have built my entire web based products InfoCaptor Desktop and InfoCaptor Enterprise and also launched the Dashboards in the cloud at https://my.infocaptor.com.

Over the years I have learnt to do some SEO and online marketing.

I am looking for people with marketing and sales experience. If you are community builder then it is great and if you have selling to enterprises then it is super great.

My web product has good traction and people are signing up and using daily. There is going to be two revenue sources one is through the web app and second through self hosting downloadable licenses.

I have a great vision for the product and how the future version of my startup would like. I need someone who can help and lay the bricks for this future foundation. The software needs lot of exposure and selling in order to meet the vision.

I am looking for someone as passionate and experience with marketing and sales who can drive this.