Diton Pashaj

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Diton's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Diton

When I first opened an account here it was a last resort to finding a partner for my start-up. And I am glad I did, because now there are 4 of us working on something truly unique

We are building a payment system/platform that utilizes revolving credit but does not rely on traditional channels of CC processing.

I am leaving this account open for potential future connections. I am no longer looking for a co-founder but we would absolutely take in consideration partnership stakes for enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

More specifically I would love to talk to you if you 1) are a kick ass system administrator 2) have a background in finance, underwriting, credit card networks etc and 3) product manager.

Look forward to connecting with you!

About the business:
Mobile payment solutions
Peer to peer money transfer

It's definitely worth a conversation. I'll buy the beers.


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