Divya Prashanth

London, United Kingdom

Divya's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Divya

I am a co-founder of an edutech software. Spidergrams is a cloud based online educational product.

Looking for a cofounder who can help with sales and marketing.

Spidergrams is, a virtual learning space. Science lesson plans are visually organized in the form of Spidergrams, with pictures and edu youtube videos.

Spidergrams is an effective medium for accelerating the learning of students with diverse learning abilities.

Product Features:
Teacher and Student Dashboard
Science content
Science worksheets
Assignment module
Study Buddy

Improves memory
Improves exams scores substantially
Promotes Cognitive Development
A valuable teaching resource
Bridge between school and home work
Study online with classmates
Study online with students from other schools
Learning technique for life!

Dashboard: Teacher/Student
Access Science Content
Manage assignments
Create own Spidergrams
Manage Profile

Effective learning:
Natural Connections
Youtube Educational videos
Images and Weblinks

Study with friends:
Invite friends to study online

Study Buddy:
Interact with students from other school.
Help fellow students on subjects you are good at
Get help from fellow students
Interact with students with similar interests

Assignment Module:
Teachers can publish assignments
Teachers can track assignments and review.
Students can submit assignments online

Spidergram App:
Create custom Spidergram
Brainstorm ideas
Plan activity
Research topics