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I am a highly versatile software engineer currently engaged in PEST analysis and writing a business plan for the health services domain. My intent currently is to create a fully scalable software to pilot with a small company willing to indulge the pilot, establish a rapid feedback loop and logarithmically improve the software using services I have identified that are scalable and will be free for this pilot. Further progress on the software is contingent on the information gathered and success of that pilot.

I have a lot of experience as a government contractor, a background in information security, have managed development teams, worked in the private sector, worked on ecommerce and have been in multiple domains including general web design, asset management, correspondence management, case management, mobile development, speech technology, natural language processing and research and development.

I have a day job maintaining a public facing website for "the man" and continually improving it. I do not intend to leave the job at this juncture.

My business philosophy is to have a product or service that serves as the baseline bread and butter and to exceed the baseline after strengthening it. I believe in testing the waters before diving in and choosing a specific place to dive. I believe any product or service must excel at minimizing a customers frustrations (simplifying) and aim to make them more productive improving the bottom line. Finally I am willing to sell off my "babies" when the time is right, or cut things off during failure or limited success before damages hit hard.



Information Assurance

2008 - 2008


Computer & Information Science

2005 - 2005


Software Development Management Graduate Certificate (UMUC)

Software Engineering (UMUC)

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