doh-hyun koh

Seongnam-si, South Korea

I have a realtime software package for FinTech, IOT, and several financial fields.
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About doh-hyun

no experience for startup, but I have great eager to have
a startup in USA soon .. since I have a great realtime software package for US business.
I got a cs master degree from NYU long time age, and
developed realtime software package (Data Collector)
,which could be applied to IOT, FINTECH, BigData, AI, Robotics.. etc.
If you are interested in this package, please send a email to me (, I will send all
the informaton about my software package.

Work Experience

platform champion for HP

Compact Software

March 1988 - March 1992

I developed the universal parser for micro simulation software called 'Symphony' and 'Harmony' ..

SW Manager

Delta Software

February 1992 - February 1996

Here I experienced the Samsung Winners Card authorization Software as a technical PM.. and I developed my own OLTP package which is data distribution tp-monitor package in 1994.

SW Director

Real Sys Tech

March 1996 - March 2000

I opened this company with my big brother and try to sell my basic packages (TP-MONITOR, RDBMS, MMDB) .. but there was no realtime market in Korea. So I closed the company .. The product brand name was ZERO-WAIT ..


Solcom Info Coms

March 2000 - March 2013

On the Symohiny Solution, I developed 1. telephone billing system for KT. 2. VPN Readius system for KTF 3. bus tracking scheduling control system for SK 4. system log analisys system for KTF 5. CDC(Chage Data Cature) for SKT 6. nationwide monitoring system for KT. 7. Market Surveillance System for KRX. installed in Phillipine Stock Trading Co, and Phillipine Financial Supervisory Commission, and Thailand Stock Trading Co, and Uzbek Stock Trading Co. and


Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU, U.S.A.


1996 - 1998