Domenic Weber

Boulder, Colorado, US

Domenic's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Domenic

We're looking to add a core developer to work with me and our CTO. Sweat equity is all we're looking for. We're a slightly different type of startup than most; we're product creators that build products aimed for early exit with a fast turn around (1-2 years).

This keeps of lean, highly profitable and very attractive to investors.

We have multiple products in the pipeline and our current product is a quit smoking program we're redesigning to enhance pharmaceutical patches and gums. The goal is to build the most advanced and effective smoking cessation program ever and then sell that program to a pharmaceutical company allowing them a clear competitive advantage in what is now a completely level playing field where large brand name pharma's are losing market share due to generics and the general inefficacy of their products.

We have one specific company in mind with multiple secondaries. With our system increasing their global sales by 5% they would see an increase of $35M/year.

Therefore our objective is to finish our product redesign, add a fully functional app and then exit for $21M-$100M w/in 2 years from now.


St John's College

Bachelor's of Arts

2001 - 2001

University of Oregon

Master of Education in Physics

2003 - 2003


PSIA Level 3

Co-working Space

Impact Hub Boulder

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