Dominic Tracey

Portland, Maine, US


Startup Experience Founded 2+ startups

Age Group 36-55


I believe that our society is not something that we leave behind when we venture up a mountain or a wall; routes and culture must be tied together. The rock we climb is a mirror, and in it, we see the silent reflections of dialogues that have taken place between climbers across many decades—and also within ourselves. - Keita Kurakami

Dominic is looking for a CoFounder who

Can commit to working 40 hours per week

Is able to invest Can offer equal investment ($5,000 - $15,000)

Relevant industries Media Health, Fitness and Wellness Technology Biotechnology Defense and Security Energy Fashion Hardware Hospitality Non-Profit Aerospace B2B Services Consulting Ecommerce Entertainment Finance Human Resources Mining Politics and Government Travel Real Estate Mobile Legal Services Healthcare Food and Beverage Event Planning Education Consumer Products Big Data Agriculture 3D Printing Art and Design

Has these skills

Business Development