Dominic Tracey

Portland, Maine, US

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I'm looking for a pretty specific individual or group on here. I'd like to start a company that moves systems into the cloud for customers. Yes, this isn't a new idea but there is lots of work in this area and I'm good at the technical side of it so let's get a business going together. You are a business owner or influencer who can provide a few significant initial projects to get us ramped up and generate some capital to get a sales and marketing presence in place. So your companies have some applications running on servers in a backroom or closet or under someone's desk and we either lift-and-shift them as is or refactor on the way. It's great if you can continue on in a CEO, bizdev or other role but not necessary.

To be clear, this is a bigger scale than building a website for your company or moving your access database app to AWS. Also I don't want to build your cool Pinterest-for-Uber application for equity. Also I don't need you to build an app for me.

Feel free to contact me at dominic(dot)tracey(at)gmail(dot)com


I believe that our society is not something that we leave behind when we venture up a mountain or a wall; routes and culture must be tied together. The rock we climb is a mirror, and in it, we see the silent reflections of dialogues that have taken place between climbers across many decades—and also within ourselves. - Keita Kurakami

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Founder and CEO

The Rugby Net

September 2014 - March 2017