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I'm a former Accenture Associate Partner and SAP Sales VP. I've worked on advanced development projects and been fairly "intrapreneurial" throughout my career. I was once called "a national treasure" by an Accenture Partner (he of course had gotten carried away, but I'll take it).

HourVoice could be revolutionary, because it aims to plug a hole in the market system. Today, consumers can evaluate a business through review sites like Yelp, which provide information on food, service, and product quality.

*However, consumers can't determine where to spend their money based on how well a company treats its employees.*

Adding that information to the decision process will steer $ toward well-behaving businesses and act as a market force to improve working conditions for the 75 million hourly workers in the US, and potentially billions of people globally.

I've validated (to an extent) the HourVoice concept with hourly employees, consumers, labor organizations, academics and regulators, and I'm now ready to develop the MVP and will need a technical co-founder who can architect the solution to orchestrate its various moving parts.

I'm also applying to Impact Engine to be in their next cohort. The application is due on July 12 and the program starts September 28. I think I can mash up a pseudo-prototype by 7/12, so MVP development doesn't need to be complete (or necessarily started) by then.

Key technical elements will be:

-Mobile survey app for hourly workers to provide data
-Mobile "find better employers" app for hourly workers
-Mobile consumer-oriented "find good workplaces" app
-Analytics & visualizations provided on both phone and laptop displays (probably using D3)
-Gold-standard security to protect worker identities


Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University

MBA - Operations, MIS

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