Don Daglow

San Francisco, California, US

3-Time Inc. 500 CEO, Technical Emmy® Award, International Speaker, Advisor at Founders Space accelerator
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About Don

I am a 3-time Inc. 500 CEO and Technical Emmy recipient with over 25 years of experience as a CEO or GM. I serve as a Mentor at the Founders Space accelerator in San Francisco.

The Lean Startup movement grew out of methodologies that were pioneered by Sony in the video games industry, and I led some of the first teams to utilize Lean Development systems.

I have been involved in game and app development and software publishing for many years. I started out as a passionate university student writing games, progressed to working in-house for game publishers as a designer-programmer and was promoted to GM roles. I then founded a successful independent game development company that I ran for 20 years. For the last nine years I have advised and worked in teams for a wide variety of technology-focused companies.

I hold a BA in English (member of original Computer Science Study Group) from Pomona College, an M.Ed. from Claremont Graduate University (emphasis in Multicultural Education), and learned assembly language programming in my first engineering job.


Try it, hone it, keep honing it till it works. But don't waste that time and creativity on anything that isn't truly original and potentially great. - DD

Work Experience


4thRing Inc.

March 2015 - December 2016