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Don Hursey III

Business Developer, Marketer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Don

I have developed my skill of placing athletes and celebrities at club, charity, camp, speaking, and fundraising bookings since my time playing with many of them during my college football career at a D1-A national program. Playing college football at Texas Tech University also helped me develop into a team leader with the ability to think about short term opportunities without losing site of the end game. I also pride myself on my ability to stay focused, work under pressure, and be flexible to have the best possible product or service developed as demonstrated on my participation on Srvd (start-up weekend Pittsburgh runner-up), IconPluse, and now leading Plugd.

As a CTO or developer you will have an opportunity to assist a small team of developers to create a MVP using Ruby Motion or Objective-C. Orchestrate planning development for months out using agile methodologies and project management tools. Represent Plugd in meetings with angel investors, accelerator programs, incubators, and prominent mentors. Also, work to create a working minimal viable product before the full launch. For this position we are offering paid and unpaid internship opportunities with the possibility of becoming a Co-Founder and/or gain equity in the company depending on your level of expertise.

As a graphic, interactive, or UI/UX Designer, you will be able to provide a consultative product approach towards creating innovative work that best fits the needs of further preparing our company for product launch. Past expertise experience in designing mobile iPhone application logos, mock-ups and investor slide deck presentations are quintessential for this position as we seek to fine tune past designs. The opportunity for freelance design work on tee shirts, bands, flyers, letterheads, business cards, and posters in the near future is available as well. For this position we are offering paid and unpaid freelance and/or internship opportunities with the possibility of begin added for equity in the company depending on your level of expertise.

Managing People
Product Management