Don Nasca

Portland, Oregon, US

Business Dev - Tech Sales - Social Entrepreneur
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Business Development
Product Management
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About Don

While I have been an employee for large high-tech manufacturers for a large percentage of my career; I founded and operated several small businesses over the years.

My current interest is in the sharing economy. I help people connect locally to increase their income and improve their livelihood.


(Speaking about the struggle of the common man) "The problem is to speed up our rate of social invention in the service of the welfare of all the people." - Henry Wallace

Work Experience

Sr. Business Development Mgr.

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August 1999 - December 2016

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See LinkedIn

January 1990 - December 2016

You can find my general info on LinkedIn. I am looking for people who care about improving the quality of life for the common people. People who find the mission driving their work to be inspiring, not simply an empty slogan. People who find money as a means to drive the mission, not the end game so they can simply buy more stuff. If this sounds like you, I would like to meet you. If you have no investment money, I may have work for you. If you have $$$ to invest in a real partnership, I am listening. It's not simply about money for me, it's about equity (on all fronts). My experience with partners is they either expect far more than they give in time and money or they just take and complain. I let that happen to me in the past and thankfully I had the sense to have strong written agreements. I will share details with people who have a genuine interest in social enterprise, social capitalism, social impact, and using their business and technical skills to deliver solutions that help working people improve their livelihood on a local level.