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(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: I'm now heads-down working on the MVP for a start-up (found thru CFL) and will be unable to consider other opportunities until at least Q3 of 2018.)

After 32 years working in Enterprise IT (24 years at IBM and 8 years at American Express) gaining amazing experience, I have decided to leave it to spend the remainder of my career in freelancing and/or start-ups. By day, I was an "IT Architect" but always stayed very hands-on and technical. At home, my hobby has always been playing and coding with the latest technologies: PHP, Python, Go, Java, C/C++, (even some COBOL), JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML5, Drupal,, various databases, Cloud Computing (especially Google's)--and much more. I've been developing web apps since 1997 and lately cloud-based responsive mobile apps. I have the tangible skills to build apps and the intangible skills/experience/judgement to help any start-up avoid technical trouble.

I would be interested in discussing ideas and opportunities in complete confidence. Ideally, these would have reasonably well-formed business models that deliver business value to a target market able/willing to pay for the product/service.


University of Waterloo

BS Mathematics/Computer Science

1980 - 1985


Ryerson DMZ