Don Rzeszut

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Don's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Don

I am extremely passionate about my ideas. So passionate that I taught myself how to code so I could bring them to life. I also switched my career industry from telecommunication outside plant construction to software engineering so I could learn more from people in this industry.
I've worked for a few startups now, growing one from $200k to $2.5M in monthly revenue and another from $2M to $40M and still growing...

I understand that ideas are worthless unless you do something about them.

So I've done something about them.

I built them into a functioning product.

I also understand that functioning products are worthless unless someone is using them.

This is where you come in.
You are a User Experience (UX) rockstar who despises sites that don't work well or have features that way too hidden to be useful and have made it your mission to bring ease of use to the internet.
You understand how color theory and button placement can increase click through rates.
You know how to design an application to be both clean and classy, yet still have all of the important features within three clicks.
You constantly stare at and analyze analytics reports and click heat maps.


You are a seasoned Business Development professional who wants nothing more than to achieve personal and financial independence by developing your own business instead of developing a business for someone else.
You will stop at nothing to bring on the first 100, 1000, 10000 customers.
You will be creative in how you approach the pool of potential customers looking outside the box for ways to innovate customer acquisition.

There is just as much, if not more, innovation and creativity required in Biz Dev as there is in the technology/engineering/coding/idea/etc for a startup.


Shoot for the stars, if you land on the moon, that's still pretty damn cool. - Me - twisted a version from someone more eloquent than I.


Purdue University


1998 - 1998