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Stockton, California, US

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About Don S

Have patent titled "GUI Document Management System." Patent is a specification for a new World Wide Web not based on HTML, but based on GUI ("gooey") elements to achieve the first and only truly, fully read-write web for easy to learn and fast to develop pages/sites. Do not consider marketing GUI web as replacement for HTML web, but consider education/training industry as possibly ripe for market of internet based educational software. Have prototype browser-editor with help file for demonstration but it needs redesign in another language. Prototype is available on request by seriously interested experts.

Prototype features go way beyond patent specs to include scripting language programability of display elements and integration with RDBMS data, seemless integration of pages with HTML, and many social/collaboration features including messaging, annotation, commenting, chat/meetings, share library.

Current prototype also permits document owners/editors to create user accounts and assign users to one of four roles -- reader, participant, host, editor.

Intent is to develop browser-editor using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in Microsoft .NET Framework (which is now open source and available for MAC and LINUX OS's, and suitable for cross-platform development).

GUI page storage formats include CSV, JSON, XML files, records in SQL, or nodes in NoSQL databases. These formats are easily interchangeable and more than one can be used in a browser-editor implementation making single file, multi-page documents for easy distribution possible, but also single-page files for rapid and efficient serving over LAN or internet/intranet using standard LAMP/WAMP servers using WebDAV.

A GUI web page can be created quickly by anyone from age 5 up and every page supports easy to implement communication and collaboration to ensure comprehension including learning assessment capability. Ultimate objective is to develop GUI web to its fullest, maximum potential, but to identify a smaller, targeted market (such as education/training industry) to launch.

GUI web may constitute a major revolution in multi media documents and may become the document of choice throughout the world if standardized and developed for cross-platform use. GUI POWER -- GO GUI!


Think positive, think big, think ahead. - Don S

Work Experience

Middle Management

California State Government

August 1972 - September 1997

Started working at entry level and rose to middle level management responsible to ensure and maintain state gov. policy and procedure to as many as 1100 employees in a major work unit of a major state agency.


San Francisco State College

MA, Anthropology

1961 - 1968