Doreen Hing

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Doreen's Skills
Product Management
User Experience

About Doreen

Plank is a badass yoga brand that wants to turn the look and conversations of yoga, upside down. Plank has the technology to make yoga instantly gratifying so everyone can produce extraordinary results. If you don't get what all the yoga hype, that's because you don't get,yet, how being BAD on a yoga mat, can make you feel so, soooo gooood...
What makes Plank unique, is its founder, who is committed to style and quality, so there are no product compromises. As an authority on grounding and a Serial Product Upgrader, she not only takes yoga mats & gear to the next level, she has developed workshops using a variety of yoga principles and her own formulas to have runners triple distances, sprint hills with ease and wear high heels for longer, after one workshop.
What we're looking for is someone to create & implement the business strategies, curious, unstoppable and well connected.


I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious... - Albert Einstein