Dorina Leslie

Kings County, New York, US

Licensed Massage Therapist at Western CT Therapeutic Massage
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Hello, there ~

I have been passionately following a calling in the healing profession as a Reiki Master and LMT; however, I have always known that my "real calling" would take me far beyond the boundaries of my little suburban town in CT. My calling is spiritual in nature and is all about honoring the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene, who was cast aside, incorrectly labeled a sinner and prostitute by Luke in his gospel. This allowed for the mistreatment of women for centuries. The time for women to rise up again and take their rightful place in this world is now. My message from Magdalene is "to help the invisible children of the world to heal; they are not only meant to be seen, they are to be made whole."

In January of 2013, I was given a book called A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison, and it was then that I KNEW down to my very soul that my life's work would involve helping those who had been sold into the sex trade. However, I was a little busy becoming an LMT and being a mom to my three awesome kids and didn't know HOW to go about this business.

My a-ha moment, if you will, came last summer - as all of my guidance has come - in a very physical way. I was guided to attend some Magdalene Feast Day events, as she is honored each year on July 22nd in the Catholic Church, and found one in New York City. I almost feel off my chair. St. Francis Xavier Church had a hand with the message, "How can we help Mary Magdalene raise one hand to the Good New s of the resurrection and the other to help her stop human trafficking?" So off I went to, knowing full well I was being guided to the next steps in my journey to help the invisible children of the world to heal heal.

The message that day was powerful. Mary Magdalene was cast off as a sinner and a prostitute, but she was no such thing. It was Mary Magdalene and the women who stayed at the foot of the cross while the men who'd followed him ran away. It was Mary who went back on that fateful Easter Sunday to tend to her beloved and to prepare him for his burial with her healing balms. It was Jesus who asked this woman with the alabaster jar, Mary Magdalene, to deliver the Good News of the resurrection. In short, Mary was a witness to the darkness, and she shined her light. In that moment, we were asked, "What will you do today, tomorrow, next week, next year to help stop human trafficking?"

We are all being asked to be a witness to the darkness and to Shine the Light on the darkest parts of ourselves that are reflected in humanity - human trafficking, domestic violence, child marriage, and modern day slavery in the fields, in the factories, and in people's homes as domestic servants. We must shine the light on these invisible crimes, for we've turned away for far too long, ignoring the abuse and the violence toward women and the poorest of the poor in our world.

By sending the vibration of peace, compassion, healing, and unconditional love out in to the world, we can each create change. They say there are two ways of spreading light, by being the candle or the mirror that reflects it. I am very passionate about fulfilling this mission to help humanity heal, to help these invisible children of the world to rise up, once again and stand tall like the sunflower. I have a very unique story to share with the world and have much wisdom to impart about having a spiritual awakening. This work I am meant to do will inspire, uplift, and empower survivors, but I also hope to educate the average person who has turned a blind eye to the atrocities taking place in this world and create a call-to-action.

This year, I began creating awareness about human trafficking. I successfully co-produced the movies SOLD as part of the Bethel Film Fest 52, bringing in Academy Award-Winning Director Jeffrey Brown, and a panel of experts in the human trafficking field. Because the event was such a success, I have joined forces with Thomas Carruthers Entertainment to co-produce the New Haven International Film Fest. Bringing togther several anti-trafficking experts and groups, we are positioning this as the first annual human rights educational summit in the New Haven area. I am in the process of launching the Shine the Light Project, a B-corporation which will include plans for speaking engagements, two healing retreats each year, and this annual human rights summit, complete with a music fest to launch the event.

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Licensed Massage Therapist/Reiki Master

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January 2014 - December 2016