Doris Chan

New York, New York, US

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Product Management

About Doris

Hi There!

I'm a product manager/owner by trade, and have been on this career path for 8+ years. I've worked in various industries; advertising, financial recruiting, education, automated language translation, comic books, music and am currently in financial services/retail banking. To expand on that, my experience is mostly in startups, with a few stints in larger corporations. I have a health services/wellness idea I'd like to pursue. So far, I've written a business plan, put together a wireframe prototype and have shopped these around with positive results. I have purchased a domain and have started the process for trademark as well. I've already found a CEO co-founder, and my next step is to find a stellar CTO co-founder and I will have a solid founding team.

I'm looking for a CTO co-founder who can, first and foremost, develop a responsive website that is focused on content management/serving, with some front end work, and can also spearhead app development once there is traction. Secondly, a tech leader who can think outside of the box, offer insight for best practices and who stays on top of the latest tech. Thirdly, I need a co-founder who can communicate ideas, roadblocks and can work with me to get this idea up and running.