Doron Gan

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Founder CTO at ViralGains
Doron's Skills

About Doron

I started a company right out of school to do GPS navigation software before it existed on nights and weekends while designing computers at Dell. I developed GUI library for Java when it first came out and sold $140K worth. I ran my own small companies (3 people and 1 person) from payroll, marketing, sales and always made money but on a modest scale.

Since my own startup days, I've worked at many startups and a couple of large companies. The latest startup being Vlingo, a speech recognition software company that was sold. I am extremely good at the engineering, designing/implementing software, delivering products, building teams, and growing a good culture. I've always delivered results.

Work Experience

Founding CTO


August 2013 - December 2016