Doron Oogjen

Antwerp, Belgium

Doron's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Doron

About me:

I love to get the most out of myself and to continuously raise the bar.
In other words, I'm constantly looking for ways to fulfil my potential.
I have a sincere interest in people and really like to train, coach, manage and help people in their teams and their companies.
With a strong interest in many things, combined with a good set of skills, I like to turn knowledge into action.

Specialties: Project Management, Process Improvement, ICT, Product Development, Marketing & Sales.

About my Company:

With my co-founders we're building our business
With WiFi-marketing we bring the power of online marketing to off-line retailers.
A lot to say about it. Please check the website.

It's a proven concept which is doing well in many countries. In Belgium we're always a bit behind so we're looking at an open market here. The product is easy to sell with a one-on-one approach.

What I'm looking for:

We need to get as much exposure on the Belgian market as possible, fast.
B2B marketing on all platforms. For the Dutch and the French part of the country.
My co-founders and I have some experience in marketing, but we're looking for a marketing master, who can help us make a giant leap.