Doron Orenstein

Maywood, California, US

Senior Web Developer at
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I've been straddling the worlds of music and technology for as long as I can remember. Through high school and college, my focus was 100% on playing the saxophone. I toured with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (a famous big band from the 1940's) and played gigs all over the US and internationally as well.

After college, I decided I didn't want to only play saxophone, so I started producing jazz-infused house music with a collaborator who was a classically trained composer. We recorded an album on a prominent house music label, and brought our jazz-meets house music to clubs all over the US.

At the same time, I was learning HTML, CSS, and bits of JavaScript - which is what I do as a full time gig now. For one year, I worked as a WordPress and general UI freelancer. Although the business was doing well, I decided that I wanted to move more towards a product-based business, so I returned to full time employment but have been building my own businesses simultaneously.

As of the past couple of years, I've run a popular website for sax players ( which gets over 24,000 visitors each month and is sponsored by a solid group of advertisers. I also released an info product for saxophone players which has gone on to do very well.

Work Experience

Senior Web Developer

August 2014 - December 2016