Dorran Dihle

Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

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About Dorran

I'm passionate about ideas that can do well while doing good. My partner and I are looking to change the landscape of online shopping through a combination of new technologies and services. Our goal is to empower Main Street mom-and-pops to compete with the's of the world, helping them succeed, and in turn helping to maintain the unique local scenery that keeps communities strong. All this, while providing shoppers with a better shopping experience.

To this goal, my partner and I bring close to 10 years' worth of experience managing online marketing solutions for large eCommerce clients. We bring a deep understanding of the online marketing ecosystem, knowledge of digital marketing tools, and experience creating and implementing successful strategies for growing online awareness and sales.

Our experience stretches across advertising strategies, site design recommendations, and user-experience analysis. We can say with confidence that we know what makes good eCommerce, in terms of both U|X and sales. And we know how to reach new users, and bring back returning customers.

We have all of the above, and now we're looking for you. Who are you? You're a programmer who loves to develop for the web. Front-end designer? Back-end coder? We need all of that, and more. We want to push boundaries across all facets, and that means the building blocks as well. If the freedom to choose from coding solutions you're interested in is as exciting as it is intimidating, then you're our kind of person. Maybe you have 20 years of software development experience? Maybe you're just out of college? We don't have have a specific "type" we're looking for, outside of your abilities and ambition. Our vision is more than your standard eCommerce solution, and we're looking for someone who has the vision to dream big alongside us, and the creativity and talent to bring that vision to life.

So If you believe that's you, drop us a line. If you're intrigued and want to know more, drop us a line. And if you just want to say hello and welcome to the site, then by all means, drop us a line. We believe that the technologies are there, the market is right, and the time is now. If you're interested in finding out how you can be a part of the story, drop us a line!


UNiversity of Washington, Seattle


2008 - 2008


Adwords Fundamentals and Advanced Search