Atlantic City, New Jersey, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Doug

(I just spent a solid 40 mins composing a professional summary description and it disappeared when I clicked "FINISH" ouch!)
I will update this shortly... for now just a bare bones version to get my profile up and running.
For eight years I've been the managing partner of a 42 year old (1973) B2B Printing Commodities Brokerage Firm.
To survive and grow we've had to stay dynamic and nimble.
What I bring to the table? Proven experience in Marketing, Sales, and Management (along with the potential for financial investment).
What am I looking for? A team in need of the very things I bring with me. I'm looking for an entrepreneur(s) preferably beyond the concept phase, perhaps already selling their product(s) or service(s)- but they are looking for a teammate that can help move things forward.