Doug Gault

Fort Worth, Texas, US

30 year Tech Guy with heavy experience in web based database centric applications developmet
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Product Management
Business Development
Public Relations
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About Doug

I Have started and sold a business based on technical consulting, training, and shrink-wrapped software products around the Oracle database. Have worked as the Technical Director for a Big Data / Data Virtualization startup in DFW area.

Long history of Development management, system design, business analysis, product management, etc.


'P-E-R-F-E-C-T is a VERB not an Adjective. Strive to perfect (verb) but don't expect perfect (adjective). - Doug Gault

Work Experience

Technical Director

Gluent Inc

October 2016 - Today

Doug was recruited by Gluent because of his product management experience as well as his experience running, marketing, and growing small start-up companies. The initial remit was to help Gluent emerge from “stealth mode” by creating a sound and consistent external marketing program. This included developing and producing product marketing presentations, brochures, a completely new Gluent website, webinars and course materials. He then moved on to reviewing, refining and documenting the processes surrounding the way potential customer evaluated Gluent’s software, including the creation of pre-requisite documents and evaluation guidelines and acceptance criteria. Doug continually assists the sales organization in a technical pre-sales role and engages directly with customers during the Proof of Concept phase. He also interfaces directly with the product development team to feed back issues and feature requests encountered in the field. He continues to work with the management team to refine and adjust the marketing program, write and distribute press releases, and establish and communicate on-going product direction.

Consulting Member of Technical Staff

Oracle Corporation

October 2015 - October 2016

Doug was hired to take over the management and development of the Cloud Customer Communications UI (CCUI) internal product. Initial time was spent bringing product development back in line, making sure deliverables and releases were hit consistently and documenting all development, testing and release procedures. He then worked with several of the products user communities to document, prioritize and implement requested features, some required to send specialized communications. During this time, he also engaged directly with the Tenant Automation System (TAS) technical team to refactor the application to make more efficient use of the TAS rest APIs. Doug also interfaced with various teams throughout Oracle to help them understand the scope and functionality of CCUI and whether its functionality overlapped with, or could be subsumed by other internal products. At the same time, Doug worked with members of the APEX Product development team on the interface, flow and functionality of Free Cloud product. Based on his previous experience with CCUI and customer communication, Doug created the Message Manager application which allowed administrators of Free Cloud to set up communication types, templates and defaults that could then be sent, en masse, via REST and/or PL/SQL APIs.

Director / Co-Founder

Sumner Technologies

March 2015 - September 2015

Initially founded in 2005 and then re-launched in 2015, Sumner Technologies focuses exclusively on Oracle APEX solutions and training. Doug created both beginner and advanced level Training Materials around Oracle APEX 5.0 while helping clients design and implement APEX systems. Doug specializes in system design and architecture, database design, performance tuning and complex PL/SQL. Activities include: • Working with customers to create strategic plans for developing new and migrating legacy application platforms to cloud based services such as Amazon EC2 and Oracle Cloud Computing. • Working with Oracle Sales & Marketing to formulate a strategy to help customers understand the opportunities of moving to Oracle Cloud Services. • Working with specific clients to help them understand the challenges of productizing an internal solution and the intricacies of commercial software support.

Infrastructure Principal Director

Accenture / Enkitec Group

June 2012 - March 2015

Enkitec acquired Sumneva in June 2012, at which time Doug became an APEX Practice Director. Duties included working with Fortune 100/500 clients to help identify enterprise level projects, document requirements and resource needs, architect technical solutions, manage development and delivery of completed systems and provide education and mentorship to clients. Most client projects were completed using Agile Development Methodologies. Doug also served as one of Enkitec’s APEX Architectural experts, helping clients design and develop scalable solutions, including things such as underlying database design, security strategies and scalability frameworks. He also used his extensive experience in Agile Methodologies to Doug engaged in writing, maintaining and delivering Enkitec’s APEX based education course material, liaising with clients to help create customized curriculum. Doug managed all development staff, mentoring them on best practices, handling difficult situations and developing client rapport. He also trained and mentored staff on Agile Development Methodologies including SCRUM and FDD. ---- Enkitec was acquired by Accenture in June 2014 and became fully integrated in January of 2015. During the lead-up to the acquisition Doug worked with the company Directors and Accenture Acquisition Team to help them understand and account for all Enkitec assets and offerings. After the purchase was announce and throughout the integration process he worked with company management to help employees understand the ramifications of both the acquisition and the upcoming transition. After integration with Accenture, Doug worked with other key personnel to evangelize the Enkitec offerings to both Accenture's internal sales and technical teams and to external clients. During this time, Doug continued with his duties as APEX Practice Director, working with Fortune 100/500 clients to provide enterprise level web solutions based on Oracle Technology. Because of the unique mix of Oracle based skills and business experience, Doug was brought in to Accenture at Career Level 5; a level specifically created for those in positions of thought leadership within their industry and skill sets. Responsibilities included: Business development, technical pre-sales activities, technical architecture design, solution management, project tracking and management, mentorship and education, team building and personnel management.

Director & Co-Founder


January 2009 - June 2012

Doug co-founded Sumneva in January 2009 with Scott Spendolini. Doug immediately become involved in Sumneva’s APEX related course material creation, and helped extend the course offerings to include 4 full weeks of education around APEX. Doug also became involved in designing and developing Sumneva’s commercial product offerings, and has created modules that controlled automated builds, eased end user installation and provided a licensing mechanism During his time at Sumneva he provided both technical and business consulting services and support to an extensive customer base, and was particularly active in helping customers implement some of the more advanced APEX functionality including, jQuery, jQuery UI and AJAX integration. He also worked with customers to designing and roll out APEX applications specifically targeted at mobile devices.


Indian Hills Community College

Diploma - Computer Science

1985 - 1987