Doug Shapiro

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Doug's Skills
Business Development

About Doug

I am a Research Assistant at the IMF. I am very analytical; working with numbers comes naturally to me. I look around our world and see little inefficiencies everywhere which can be improved upon with common-sense solutions. However, I believe I am best in processing the "big-picture." The three books which have influenced me most are Thinking Fast and Slow, The Black Swan and 1984.

Currently I have an idea for a website with a niche market, but I am quite aware that I do not have the web development skills to create a prototype which could attract VC. That is where you (hopefully) come in!

My ideal partner(s) would be a web developer that has worked on developing a business from the genesis of the original idea through business plan formation, prototype creation, funding stages and culminating in the launch of the business. Of course I would prefer if you had multiple experiences or even better, a track-record with start-ups.

I am young, confident, tenacious, and a relentlessly hard worker when I am passionate about my work. I am willing to fail, but I am not willing to not try.