San Francisco, California, US

Dovik's Skills

About Dovik

I'm a passionate maker of Mobile Apps (for both consumers and enterprise) as well as Applications for wearables (Google Glass, Watch etc).

My technical acumen is my super power. there is nothing I cannot build. Try me.
I'm explorative, I am a believer, I am a dreamer, but most of all - I get things done.

I graduated from a top MBA program. I have strong business acumen and interest in marketing, finance, design, and operations.

I'm looking to build a disruptive product (& business) in the wearables/ mobile industry.

I'm looking for a passionate co-founder who is interested in challenging the status quo and building a disruptive product (and business) with the goal of making the world a better place (even by a tiny bit)

I'm open minded and happy to brainstorm together.

I welcome everyone to ping me, I am sure we can find something cool we can work on together