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Boston, Massachusetts, US


About DR

I've built several consumer to consumer ideas from ideas in my head to press generating, award winning startups (despite the economy).
I have a company in STEALTH mode now that needs 2 Senior JavaScript developers (one client, one server) because our lead developer who's a major Boston developer had to quit to spend more time with his family, leaving our Android prototype 3-4 weeks from its private pilot launch here.

The idea we're working is a world changer, no BS, which is why it's in STEALTH. It's extremely disruptive and is a spin off of an idea that also garnered world level press and awards for its unique approach to tackling an problem through cities globally.

If interested, you'll need to sign a bulletproof NDA and have serious skills because this idea in Boston alone can be operating in hundreds of places simultaneously. And no, it's NOT ad revenue supported, nor is it a game. It has a real business model, with filed IP and hundreds of possible applications. Hit me up if you want to make something REALLY REALLY BIG happen!

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