Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr


San Francisco, California, US

Gazelles Certified Growth Specialist & CEO at Big Five for Life Enterprises
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Founded 2+ startups

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Here is what people say about Dr. Frumi:
Dr. Frumi is an in-the-trenches guide to using the disciplines of Scaling Up. Scaling Up is a system created by Gazelles International that synthesizes the tried and true best practices of many thought leaders. The disciplines focus on 4 main decision areas that every company must get right to thrive: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash management.

Dr. Frumi works with leaders and their teams who are either growing or expecting to grow exponentially, companies whose strategy has stalled, or companies who have grown but lack of proper execution results in little to show for it on the bottom line. She also grows leadership skills for CEOs who want to remain at the helm when their companies grow

Work Experience


Big Five for Life Enterprises

January 2016 - December 2016


Scaling 4 Growth

October 2013 - Today

We guide and support the execution of ridiculously successful business strategies for leaders thirsty for discipline and growth. Our system creates 2X cash flow, 3X the valuation of competitors and freedom to enjoy the ride.


Pacific Western University

PhD in Business Admninistration

2004 - 2008

Cal State Fullertom

Masters in Business Administration

1999 - 2001


Gazelles Certified Growth Specialist

Gazelles International

Board certified Coach

Center for Credentialing

Conflict resolution

Kilmann Diagnstics

DiSC and Five Cohesive behaviors of a Team