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Strength in numbers. Collective genius. Mass collaboration. It's being done in all other industries, science, medicine, technology just to name a few. Now let's do it for building business credit. I don't have all the answers, and I don't know exactly how it should be done for this reason I'm creating a mastermind/think tank group to figure out the best plan of action to execute.

As entrepreneurs we understand the significance of having access to the funding needed for the development and survival of our businesses and utilizing business credit can give us more options. Unfortunately after speaking with some fellow entrepreneurs they were not fully aware of the process of separating your personal credit from your business credit and were still using their social security number on business credit applications instead of the EIN number and had no idea what a DUN's number is. This lead me to the realization that there is a huge starving market waiting to get served.

After researching the business credit building process I came across several companies charging a couple of thousands for a vendors list, tradelines, and a business credit profile, but after cross referencing them on different business credit forums most of them turned out to be not worth the investment.

Creating a platform that will enable the business credit process to be crowdsourced and crowdfunded will open the door to unlimited potential and allow access to more options while at the same time minimizing the risk, while creating a simplified business credit building process for the masses.

I am looking to connect with people who don't believe in the words can't and impossible in order to turn this idea into a reality.