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I currently work for a leading international business media company and I head a news-intel vertical for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East region. I have the firsthand experience of the traditional media industry's transition from print media to online and now to digital/ cross-platforms. I want to believe I understand the business somewhat!

In an entrepreneurial pursuit after a decade progressive experience, I am keen to develop a digital business media space (multi-platforms) targeting the business news readers on the go. Initial focus area will be Asia and Pacific... and then we will see how it goes and where it goes. This is still at idea stage (some scribbles on a few A4 pages) and not even a start-up venture as yet. But I am considering it seriously and looking for a like-minded technologically sound co-founder. I can think of things commercially and somewhat the readers’ requirements and behavior in this space. But technical knowledge wise I am quite handicapped except some social media experience and bare minimum exposure to content syndication.

I don’t think I am set out to do a ‘me too’ product in the digital business information/news space. We will have a few distinct USPs. Want to have a quick coffee on me and a chat?