Drew M

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

About Drew

Hi - i'm Drew - i'm looking for a partner to join CoursePalette to take it to the next level. I'm looking for someone willing to commit.

CoursePalette is a useful web-application for college-students who need to plan a course schedule or purchase textbooks. Particularly those interested in saving time or conserving money.
The Good News: The financial proposition for a company like this is super-strong. CoursePalette generates revenue every time a student buy books. If schools start using this we will be successful.
The Bad News: There's really only one way to get schools to use this. I looked into it. We need the registrar's office to adopt our free-to-use app, out of their own free will, and encourage the students at the school to use it. We don't have any customers yet, but this is the way.

I'm therefore looking for someone who has experience in marketing and sales to refine this go-to-market strategy and lead the customer-acquisition effort. I can join on pretty much everything but i don't have experience in this area and i think someone with experience can get there faster than i could.

I can pretty much handle product development and edits/updates/new features with the product.
If you have technical skills (HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, etc) that's a bonus and it'd be cool to collaborate on the product too, but if you don't i can handle it. The priority is someone who can figure out how to get a university to use this thing!

Like is said, i'm looking for someone looking to commit to a start-up full-time (40- hours per week). I.e. a full business partner. Hoping for someone easy-going enough to work easily with but also likes having fun. I'm picturing a guy but could also obviously work with a girl. Age isn't a concern. I'm 24, & all my friends are 24, but if someone 30 or older has a lot of experience with sales/marketing i'd totally be interested in working with you.

Ok, that's everything! Hope to hear from somebody.

Get in touch with me and we can talk all about the future of CoursePalette moving forward and also things like financial plans whether it would make sense to try to secure outside funding, etc.