Drue Vickery

Melbourne, Australia

Drue's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Drue

Hi, I am in the very early stages of developing a product I have identified to fill a gap in the market. Informal research indicates there should be a demand and the rough design idea I have should allow the product to be manufactured cheaply (plastic) and shipped globally (collapsible for flat packing). I am seeking somebody to assist me in finalizing a design. If you wish to get more involved and help me to grow the business then that is great too but not necessarily essential, and if you have capital to invest then that might be useful at some point in the future, but again, not essential.

I have no background in entrepreneurship but I have had some limited experience in preparing business management documentation in past roles working as a Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager and maintaining Business Management Plans to comply with Australian and International Standards. I have well developed skills in written and verbal communication, public speaking, administration, networking, and most other employability skills essential to success.

My partner (girlfriend, not business partner) works in Arts Management and can contribute to marketing, PR and advertising as she has experience with writing copy, managing social media accounts, press releases and basic graphic design. She also has experience with grant applications, writing reports and contracts and has a number of useful contacts too.

My ideal partner will have an understanding of manufacturing plastic products and will be able to assist me in finalizing a CAD design which meets a number of essential criteria.