Duncan Riach

San Francisco, California, US

Computer Architect | Engineering Manager | Full Stack Developer ► Technology Startups
Duncan's Skills
Product Management

About Duncan

Designed about 1/10 of the first PC GPU at NVIDIA.
Lead a team that designed a high-speed hardware, context-switchable MPEG2 decoder.
Verified 3D graphics engine components using random stimulus generation.
Re-architected NVIDIA display pipeline to maximize simplicity, maintainability, and understandability.
Developed cross-platform synchronization architecture for mobile and web apps.
Managed engineering team across three continents.
Start-up legal and financial experience, including avoiding IP litigation.
Experience with patent prosecution and litigation.
Inventor of 10 patents in the field of computer architecture.
Broad range of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in hardware and software.

Work Experience

Co Founder | Server Architect

Not Affiliated with CrossFit, LLC

November 2012 - July 2015