Durga Prasad

Hyderabad, India

Durga Prasad's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Durga Prasad

I'm currently pursuing MBA in USA. Prior to MBA, I have 5 years of work experience in an Electronics Manufacturing company as a Research Member. I have experience in designing products, Programming, commercializing and patenting. I have been part of few start-ups.

Currently, being in MBA in a top-tier USA B-school, gives me access to several resources and markets. I could bring to the table my contacts, technical and business skills. I could board a team, whatever stage the idea or product is in. Ideally, i'm looking for teams that has scalable idea/product and has USA or international markets as their target, with man- power or resources from India. Feel free to get in touch with me even if you feel you have an idea and want to explore it. I could help in evaluating those ideas with incubators and assure the confidentiality and credit for those ideas.