Dushyant Tailor

Mumbai, India

Dushyant's Skills

About Dushyant

Mumbai based startup taskBulls.com is looking for co-founders for operations and tech profile.

What we are looking for in operations profile:
1. Essentially a business developer who can look after day-to-day operations as well.
2. Someone who can come up with innovative and out-of-the box ideas for marketing/advertisement.
3. Logical person with good communication skills who can coordinate with clients and servicemen.

What we are looking for in technical profile:
1. A smart, passionate technical graduate with strong logic and grasping power.
2. Hand-On experience in mobile application development.(Android, JAVA)
3. Conversant with general web application development stack (Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML etc.)
4. Good communication skills.

Most importantly, we are looking for people who are very much passionate about startups and willing to tackle challenges.

Contact: Dushyant Tailor, +91-8655590859 | 022-65000595