Dustin Ecton

College Park, Maryland, US

Dustin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dustin

I am a serial entrepreneur that has big and bold ideas. I am not afraid to take risks and thrive in the face of pressure - basically I am a great conversationalist that knows how to sell products and ideas. I decided to signup to find a cofounder or partner for my business - Taptimetv. I started the business because it is extremely difficult for local and small businesses to compete in the advertising landscape and that landscape is constantly changing.

Taptimetv is an innovative digital signage entertainment channel designed to bridge the gap between locally owned businesses and the communities they serve. This solution connects local consumers to local businesses and unites the community by offering consumers a unique and compelling viewing experience. We achieve this by mixing interesting, funny & entertaining content sprinkled with advertisements on dedicated televisions in high traffic and high volume locations (in restaurants/bars). Taptimetv is a true infotainment channel featuring customized programming for each individual restaurant/bar.

I am a firm believer in lean startup methodology and my businesses reflect that. I would be interested in finding a cofounder or partner that is a developer - to help me build a digital signage platform that interfaces with front end web design. I am also looking for someone with graphic design skills to handle all of the backend work like designing advertisements. In addition, I would be interested in talking with another business development partner or marketer that brings financial backing to the table.

Even though I am interested in speaking with someone about my startup, I also love to learn about other startups and bounce around ideas. I would even consider joining another startup if the opportunity was correct.

Contact me and let's have chat about our businesses and see what happens!