Dustin Henderson

Boulder, Colorado, US

Dustin's Skills
Product Management

About Dustin

I was a corporate product/project manager. Then, in 2008 my first startup was funded. I spent 4 years making that product work. In the end, it was sold and I went into consulting waiting on my next big idea.

I am product manager, developer, and engineer. I have no shortage of viable Ideas and the ability to execute them. But... I hate working alone. I want to climb the mountain with a partner.

I am looking for someone who understand business & community development. I am looking for someone who wants to make work suck less for millions of people. I need someone who understands the challenges of team management, agile, and how to build a community of like minded people.

If you have an established presence in the agile/product management space. That would be a huge bonus.

I have the product. I have funds to help get the business off the ground. I am looking for an equity partner who is ready to help me execute the vision!