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I have two outstanding opportunities for potential CTO's...

1. Exciting Environmental Startup Seeks CTO

We’re creating an exciting new environmental platform and we need a qualified CTO (you) to lead our technology as we go to market and beyond.

This is an exciting opportunity to be a key leader of our team, working closely with the CEO to formulate and execute strategy and technology from the ground up. You’ll be in charge of:

- Building and maintaining our platform and access points (mobile apps).
- Managing a complex real time database
- Ensuring the highest level of security for our systems and users.
- Assembling a top tier technology team as the company grows.
- Directing relationships with key technology partners and vendors.

What you’ll need to be successful:

- A startup mentality – Comfortable on a small team with limited resources in a rapidly changing, complex environment. A thirst for innovation and disruption. High risk tolerance.
- High level technology experience doing the work outlined above. Experience with SAP HANA is a huge plus.
- Passion for sustainability

This position requires the ability to work from home to start and availability for regular team meetings. As a startup, we can offer a strong equity position and compensation as the company grows.

If you’re interested, please submit a cover letter and resume, including relevant examples of your previous work, or request an informational interview if you need to know more prior to applying.

2. High Accuracy Object Tracking

We're ready to execute in an exciting space and already have the necessary experience and key connections. Completing the team is where you come in. We desperately need a high level engineer to help us with real time wireless object location tracking. To date, we have yet to see anyone develop a technology that can do what we need:

- Tracking devices small enough to embed in objects the size of a fist, without altering the movement or balance of the object.
- Real time, extreme accuracy (sub-1 inch / 2.5 cm) tracking of multiple objects within areas the size of large factories, warehouses, and skyscrapers.
- No line of sight requirements.
- All weather tolerance including water and temperature range: -30 to 120 F / -34 to 50 C
- Impact tolerance up to 1000 lbs / 450 kg force.
- Speed tracking up to 120 MPH / 193 km per hour.
- Rotation tracking on any axis.
- Ability to know if part of or entire object touches or crosses boundary points.

Ultimately, we'd like to feed all of this data into a real time cloud database for analysis and output of multiple objects and locations around the world.

Is this you? Are you up to the challenge of solving this complex problem? Please contact me immediately. Thanks!


University of California, San Diego


2010 - 2010