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I am looking essentially for a techco-founder (Partner) with web design, web development ans if possible marketing and business acumen. Please see www.healthinfomed.com and www.gropark.com. I am looking for someone in the capacity of a technical cofounder to work with me and help develop, design and improve the site and have the vision to take this to the next level. Please do visit my site. I understand that my website may appear a bit immature, but kindly think through about the concept, mission and vision.

Since i have done cancer research, I can provide mentoring and inside knowledge existing in health area..I have not seen anything that caters to this segment .

Description: People suffering from various ailments and diseases have a very big social need to interact with people who suffer from similar symptoms or families of people suffering from similar ailments and or disease. Someone suffering from lung cancer may need a support group or social networking site where he can freely discuss his issue and share his or her experience and find solace or support from relatives or the person going through that phase. This kind of experience and information sharing will provide the patient or his relatives to find the best resources available in the world that will enable them to discuss and ask questions to their health providers. Current social networking sites such as face book or twitter are more geared for making friends and sharing general social info but are not exclusively dedicated to people with health issues. There is a huge void and people with health complications do not feel comfortable talking about or addressing health issues on sites (facebook or twitter) because these sites do not provide the comfort level for people to discuss such issues.