Earle Gregory

Greenville, South Carolina, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Earle

I'm looking for a full stack software engineer (or small team) and possibly a designer, who can commit 10 hours a week (maybe 20 hours a week at times at the start of a new product) to building and supporting several different products that are designed to generate relatively quickly and not require a huge amount of support or maintenance over time, reinvesting profits to create more apps. Basically creating an app studio.

In terms of technical skills, I'd prefer full stack javascript or a Ruby on Rails centric stack.

Key characteristics I'm looking for: honesty, integrity, reliable, smart, persistent, enjoy solving problems, high attention to detail, always learning and trying to improve your knowledge and skills, great written communication skills, and ideally like to laugh and don't talk yourself too seriously.

As for me I love, identifying product opportunities, designing the business model and product, building products, getting them to market, iterating on feedback, and creating a cash flow growth engine.

That said, I like to do the business strategy/planning, product UX/UI design (not very good at graphic design), product management, operations (and dev ops strategy) marketing, and support. That means you can focus on building a great product and not worry about all the other hassles of the business (unless you want to, then I welcome the help!).

Equity compensation does not make sense for these businesses because they are not targeting a future liquidity event (IPO or acquisition), so you would never actually get money for your equity. I have commonly used, simple, clear, transparent, fair way to compensate for initial unpaid work using product revenue once launched.

Initial work on a product would be unpaid but the hours work would accrue and 2x your normal market rate to compensate for the initial pay deferral. The once revenue is generate you would get 35-50% of revenue toward your accrued amounts. Additional work would be paid at your normal market rate from revenue.

This could grow into a full time role if you are interested in that and is location independent, asynchronous, highly flexible, friendly, hopefully fun.

You can see my LinkedIn profile for my background and references from top software engineers I've worked with in the past.


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