Eben Pingree

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Eben's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Eben

I come from a business background. I completed my CFA and am in my second year of business school at Dartmouth.

I am working on a mobile platform aimed at revolutionizing the way friends reminisce together. We have a basic prototype and have started early testing, but are looking for a technical co-founder to own development and the junior team we've assembled. While we are extremely excited about our idea, we realize our product is going to need a lot of refinement and iteration. We want a cofounder who shares our passion for the idea's potential, but also wants to add his/her ideas to the mix as we move towards the final product that can capture our vision's shared potential.

We secured some early seed funding through a Dartmouth incubator and supplemented that with some friends/family investment. At this point though, we ideally would find someone willing to work largley for equity as we push the basic prototype to a point where we can test more robustly and ultimately raise a full seed round this Spring to really push forward.

We have assembled a board of leading industry experts, and have made strong inroads into the VC/Angel community already (my experience for 7 years prior to school was in this space), but we realize our company needs more experienced technical talent to take the next step.

Please reach out if you're interested more about our idea, our team, and our visions.



Dartmouth College


2013 - 2013

Williams College

BA in Economics and History

2004 - 2004