Ed Bradford

Austin, Texas, US

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Google searches by text and can search based
on lng-lat. It delivers whatever it can find
at or near the geo-location supplied using
generalized and not specific web crawling. Necessarily
it must throw away most of the information it "sees"
because to do otherwise would require a prohibitive
amount of storage and computational search power.

AroundMe searches by closeness to your location
and has categories for the information retrieved.
AroundMe does not engage in information production
and only what is true for today is relevant.
Yesterday, (a restaurant closes) is only slowly recognized by
AroundMe and when it is, the restaurant is completely

I want to develop the capability and information to
find history around any specific geographic location
and *walk back through time* using old maps and old
newspapers to bring local history alive. The essential
elements missing from Google and Around me is "the past"
and deep diving.

Both Google and AroundMe and all others search for very
recent stuff. I want to go back in time with vigor. I have many
ideas, but need other smart people to help with development.
Think of it as time ordered and content specific searches.

I have ideas on generating information, delivering it and
the user experience.